Wild Thing Sportfishing Charters - Ludington, MI



Five years ago I wanted to try something different for my 3 boys. I wouldn’t consider any of us fishermen, but I thought a fishing charter would be something that we should try at least once in our life. Well, 5 years later we still call on Steve every year to go on another charter. We have a blast! We now look forward to each trip in the summer. Steve does a good job at finding where the fish are, and we always have a great time. And it’s another reason to get our family together for a delicious fish fry. Whether you are a veteran at fishing or part timers like us, Steve works hard to make us all comfortable and to make sure the trip is memorable." -   Marty Spitulski


 I live a busy life and don't get a chance to fish nearly as often as I'd like to. When I do, I go with the pro's aboard Wildthing. Capt. Stephen Lenhart and crew haven't let me down yet. Steve goes the extra mile to put you on fish regardless of where the fish are or what it takes to get them landed. He makes sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable trip. Those things along with the comfort and stability that fishing aboard Wildthing provides, complete the package. I've fished Erie for walleyes and Michigan for King's and I am never disappointed. It's become an annual ritual. My son's and I very much look forward to our next trip with Steve."  -  John Blatchford


" I had never been on a great lakes charter before heading out with Captain Steve, my son and some friends so, really didn't know what to expect. What we all got was one first class lesson on how a well run charter operates. Steve and his co-pilot worked their tails off from the start until we reeled in the last line. They were constantly watching the depth, adjusting lines, and changing lures when they thought that was needed. When a fish was on they knew exactly what to do to keep lines from fouling. With hands on they guided you where to move as they jerked up rods and passed them over your head or in front of you, whatever it took to keep the fish coming in. It was amazing. We did not tangle lines one time, even though there were a dozen rods out. We never lost a fish and we caught plenty, all of super size. If you want to charter with someone that really gives a rip that their guests have the best fishing experience possible, you have found the right place. The day was done when all of the fish were expertly filleted and bagged for us to take home. None of us could have wished for a better experience than we had that day." -  Jim Stanley,  Brazil, IN


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